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What is PANZA Touch?


PANZA Touch is a software as a service (SaaS) Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with Stand-Alone Modular Solutions (SAMS) capability. This powerful but user friendly platform enables companies to rapidly build and deploy powerful mobile solutions, social applications and business processes to their entire organization, whether in the cloud or as a customized on-site solution.

Stand Alone Modular Solutions (SAMS) currently available:

  • Sales Cycle – Customer Relationship Manager (CRM1) Tool
  • Case Management and Opportunities Tracker
  • Candidate Hire Cycle – Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM2) Tool
  • Human Resource Employee Record Management Tool
  • Passive Candidate Cycle – Contact Relationship Manager (CRM3)

Customize SAMS for Your Company

PANZA Touch enables you to rapidly build modules from scratch or combine existing modules into a brand new application. You can immediately leverage existing PANZA Touch modules such as Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Opening (Cases) Candidates, and Employees to build a new module. You can also create an unlimited number of customized fields and modules to build new applications that interoperate seamlessly with all PANZA Touch  modules and platform tools. Apps can be deployed to any platform, whether it is browser- or mobile-based.

Mobile Applications

The mobile applications increase productivity across your field organization. Through our powerful customizable framework (Available January 2014), objects and/or customizations are made available on your mobile device with the click of a button.


Social Media Integration Application

The Social Media Integration Application accesses all primary social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). The enabling of the market push notification app is capable of interacting through API functionality. Also, it can be deployed to various other Social Media Applications depending on business interest without technical constraints.


Multilingual Application

PANZA Touch is supported in English and Spanish. Translation to any other language is readily available for a one-time charge.


PANZA Touch's real-time reporting module lets you rapidly create reports on business performance analytics across your entire business. Executive dashboards provide a one-page window into the organization. Uncover opportunities by drilling down to underlying data – right from your dashboard or report.

Automated Task Management Capability

PANZA Touch’s Workflow Management module lets you automate daily tasks and, by using PANZA Touch templates, you can create custom business processes based on any PANZA Touch object. It is possible to change alerts and discount approvals, record routing, and monitor account and customer activity. Implementing such alerts, actions, and triggers will make your teams more productive and responsive.


Unique Add-on/Plug-in Capability

The ability to build add-ons and plug-ins is our main differentiator in the CRM markets.  Your company will benefit by the immediate customization and alignment of PANZA Touch to any in-house database or major business process provider (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.). C3 APIs are easily extended if you need functionality that is not already provided.

Cloud-Based or In-house-Based

PANZA Touch has the unique capability to run on PANZA Touch’s CRM cloud or on your own managed technology stack (PANZA Touch On-Site).


PANZA Touch is platform neutral. This means you are in control of how and where your CRM application and data reside, maximizing your flexibility. You can choose to run on PANZA Touch’s private or public clouds, run locally on your existing network, or deploy on private or public cloud offerings from leading vendors such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace, and more. With PANZA Touch, you choose both the deployment model and the technology stack tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

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